Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dedicated to honorary Tarheel, Jude Nagurney Camwell, the blogosphere's Iddybud, who lost her dear Mother this week, and to Ron Hudson, who, on Monday, will celebrate, along with many of us, twenty years of life, following his being told that he had tested positive for HIV. We celebrate his life, and the life completed by Jude's mom.

Art by James Woodard Williams, unless otherwise indicated.

Just as when weaving
One reaches the end
With fine threads woven throughout,
So is the life of humans.

Magen's Bay

"Around 11 a.m., I’d take a communal taxi to the north side of the island and the most beautiful beach in the world, Magen’s Bay. For the next six hours, I’d swim, sleep, sip Cokes, watch for bikinis and pelicans, and read from the two-volume collected stories of Sherlock Holmes. I savored every story in those books..." - Anton Zuiker as Mister Sugar

Steven Burr at Nothing Could be Finer may be retooling his position, as he has come down with the Cackatida, or some variant thereof, granting him time to consider the wacky names families create to describe polysyllabic greek terminology and that which has been doctated.

The Cackatidae

My Uncle Howard would have said I had "The Cackatida". Don't ask me what it means, and don't try goggling it either, cause I've already tried that. It was his general name for pretty much every illiness under the sun. He was a character all right. (Of course, he was also known to carry around old sticks of dynamite in the glove compartment of his rattletrap truck, and to chase around my cousins and whack them with a fly-swatter, but those story's are for another time.) My parents would say I had the "Epizudic" or the "Creeping Crud". Well, I do feel pretty cruddy, right now.

The Epizudic
So, what funny names for ailments has your family come up with over the years. Post a comment; laughter is the best medicine, don'tcha know.

He's up to 7lbs 3.8ozs. He's a hoss, eating like crazy, and gaining like crazy.
He's awake more and more, and seriously alert when he's awake.
He hates diaper changes, blood pressure checks, and having his temperature taken.
He may be the biggest baby in the NICU, but those are still tiny tiny little fingernails.
What the Hell is it??

Dinner at Pratie Place
Dinner at Pratie Place includes the discussion on musical religious indoctrination, and insights such as "If you are a Christian perhaps you don't realize how galling it can be to have somebody else's religious or cultural music stuffed into your ears for a month" and "To use such music as a bludgeon for the diversity of students we have in taxpayer funded activities is a travesty and a perversion of all the ideals it purports to convey" and "There's a difference between being exposed to different religious and cultural traditions from your own and being compelled to participate in activities that reify them."

I particularly like this one: "It's not just the CONCERT ITSELF that's the problem - it's having to rehearse Christmas songs for a month or more preceding. Really, if you're Christian maybe this puts you into a state of happy anticipation for your holiday, but if you're not, it just prolongs the torment of being in the midst of somebody else's mishigas."

It has opened my eyes to the problem. There is no such thing as one culture, on this land, for all time.

Asheville, Enlightening
The Redshirts are coming! The Redshirts are coming! And the lights shine more brightly in the high country.

Healthcare Vortex
"Promoting optimum health for all children is a complex undertaking that is complicated by an adult society caught in the spiral of unhealthy lifestyle pulling the children with them into the vortex." (Fixing Healthcare)

Motivation is the ignition for a biological machine.

Hubble photo of Bora Circumnebulix
Bora! Bora! Bora! Ni hui shuo zhongwen ma?

The Coturnix Sweater is now available for viewing. Does your blog match your clothes?

Winter Comes to Carolina
Weather Wins, and we are gifted with many beautiful shots of its magic, from the lens of Colonel Corn's Camera.