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-Sexual Congress: A New Page
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-Boyfriend Trumps Husband

"The problem with the rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat." - Lili Tomlin
Being and Doing and Racism

Racism is egotism raised to the level of one's own race, but falls short of anthropocentrism, which is egotism raised to the level of humanity. All are ego-based, and as such, are a model for disease. A healthy world-view, conversely, correctly places the Spirit, rather than the Ego, as the base from which all else depends.
Egotism, Racism, Ethnocentrism, Anthropocentrism are not, in and of themselves, crimes. It it when they are acted out, in criminal ways, that they become a crime. To simply BE a racist, etc...however, is not, in my view, a crime...although it doesn't do the one who holds the view, any favor.
An anthropocentrist who indiscriminately destroys forests, or likely to be arrested though, and rightfully so. Same with racists.

Bush Gets His War
A few days ago I began noticing something different. There was a subtle change in Media reporting...with an anti-Arab tone. Attempts to tie McVeigh in with Arabs, a shift in tone toward the demonization of Arabs, tough talk in Israel, and, of course, the trial of the terrorists...and the possible consequence. Even NPR is changing its I know the pressure is on.
You know...the President gets to own the Press during wartime. (But of course he basically owns it anyway)
Well, my suspicions are being borne out. When Bushes need higher ratings...War happens!
Here are some recent developments:

Sharon considers plan for 48-hour knockout punch
Friday, June 1, 2001
JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been presented with a plan calling for the destruction of the Palestinian Authority in two days.

World Tribune
Moonie Times
Washington Post
Be on yer toes! You're likely to be hypnotized soon!
If the words "make a parking lot out of them" or some similar hatreds come to may be too late.
[Editor's note: A little over a year later, this came to pass.]

Things that drive God away
Clinton is and was a peacemaker, which explains why he would have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize...which is no empty gesture.
Do you think Bush will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Or would he likelier win the Ignoble War Prize?
We are fucking up a perfectly good opportunity. The millennium was hoped to be the end of war. Thousands of organizations, groups and such have dedicated themselves to it. Clinton was well aware of this, and approved. He worked tirelessly in his final years as a world peacemaker.
Bush is different. Republicans don't mind profiting from death. They manufacture the machines that do the dirty deed!
There is a wise and ancient saying which goes:
"God is where man's blood is not shed."
Think about this. If this is truly so...why risk it by owning a gun, say, or going to war? But risking comes to pushing bloodshed when one is in the manufacture of the very things that drive God away.
You may take the killing of people lightly, but let me again share a very ancient quote...this time from pre-sand Egypt:
"If you learn how to create a flea,
only then dare you kill a man."
I hope Bush, Sharon, Arafat, and everyone else can get a handle on the fact that no one is expendible. But it is just this expendibiliy which seems so characteristic of Bush, Inc.
Bush Inc. is into drilling, mining, polluting, overfarming, wars, prisons, all manner of things which reflect badly on those involved in the manufacture of expendibility.
Another word for this might be "reciprocal destruction"...since destruction is never really one-way.
Read liberal documents such as "The Ecology of Commerce" and you will see that sustainability, or reciprocal maintenence, is the driving vision.
Blind investors (capitalist pigs) would do well to learn about the concept of exigency...and adopt more sustainable investment policies to help people do the hard work of reeling in the pollutions, politicians.
When Bush is capable of creating a flea...then let him round up the boys of our fine Republican families, and send them to win his battles...and lose their war...and lose their sons.
We may be on the precipice of something that will change the world forever.
Will it be war?
Or will it be peace?

The New Envelopes
fascism n : a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)
Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

Labels. Brand names. Are we all branded? Are we slaves to ideology?
If you bleed us do we not prick?
It is an oft' effective strategem to reduce your "opponent's" position while expanding one's own...but while it might win some arguments ands cases, it doesn't necessary sprout truth.
In this time and place, the labels we are currently using are "conservative" and "liberal"...but in a different time they would have been "whig" and "tory", say, or "roundheads" and "cavaliers". Dichotomies abound.
One way I would describe the current "liberal" position, is by saying what it is not.
It is not innately pro- or anti-corporate. Conservatives seem to be decidedly pro-corporate. My problem with this is that there are activities that have been found to be obsolete, or should be (or become) obsolete because of their harm to the world. Such corporations should be at least regulated, don't you think?
The bottom line should be the impact on the world and its quality of life, rather than the financial gain of certain few corporations.
Liberalism, as I see it, is also not these politico-religious mutations headed by people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and the like, and who have forgotten that line in the Bible which declares that the only thing that should be said or heard in church is praise for the Lord. NOT Falwell crapping out of his mouth about "Clinton's homosexule agender".
Liberals seek out these attempts to dupe the public for petty personal gain,
and bring them to light. You've heard of light haven't you?
Liberals are future-focused. Most artists, creators, visionaries and futurists are liberal, as opposed to conservative. We know things can get better; that we have not yet arrived at that more utopian world we can see with our visionary eye. We are not ready to cash in.
Liberals are not likely to adopt some program from the past, but rather forge a new path. Not only push the envelope...but create the new envelopes!
Liberals are the stewards of the world. We are the protectors of the natural world...and provide free access to the spiritual world. No Foolwells to tell us which verses of which books to concentrate on...
We are the Big Tent. The Great Raft. Mahayana. Bodhissattvas.
We are to altruism what you are to egoism.
I could go on, but I'm dying of hunger.

A-/F+ Brilliant Bullshit
A- for form. Oh what the Hell...A!
F+ for content.
Short answers today. Tired...
Or, put another cannot escape the pay.
We are the humanitarians, the writers, the artists, the historians...i.e. the people who do thankless indicated by your own words. Imagination is not a bad word. Vision is not a bad word. Creating anew is not a baed word. Spitting out what is taken in IS a bad word.
Another way of looking at your assessment is that the non-humanities already has its answers. The humanities do not. Some of the most intellectually crippled people I know are mathematicians, engineers and athletes. Studies also show that they go through serious mid-life burnout, and wind up changing fields anyway. (See: Osherson)We writers and humanitarians keep chugging away at our craft, sacrificing immediate gain for posterity. So you can keep your engineers and atheletes, and I will keep my Shakespeare, Joyce, and Gandhi.
I've had this argument many times before...mostly with righthanders...who like everything cut and dried. To me this is childish. Test-taking is childish. Bad universities give multiple choice, true false, fill in the blanks even. Better universities demand that you be able to make a cogent argument for your ideas...which may even surpass the knowledge of the teacher. Tests never allow for that.
Life is not binary. Life is the gray areas.
Nothing else seems to apply.
Thanks for the effort though. I will revisit your post once my brain wakes up...

Godware beta test

I noticed you didn't even touch the "facts" I presented about the small sampling of regulations/statutes that apply to Corporate America and its "obsolete" activities.

I notice though that you put "facts" in quotation marks. You confuse me. I can't tell whether you're talking about "facts" or "facts".
But let me try and intuit your meaning. Hmmm. Loading Godware. Loading... Loading...
Perhaps you are giving examples of bad regulations, and hope to besmirch the entire lot by vilifying the few.
If this is the case, let me assure you that I am not a priest of regulation.
I never want to see a government official standing at my door. I do not like being regulated by anyone, except, maybe, my parents and better angels. Even there, I am likely to put up a struggle.
I can understand why a person who is in the business of cutting down trees, say, would also want to be able to do his work without government officials appearing at HIS door.
BUT...I can also understand why people who love trees might have a problem with people cutting them down. Especially if they do it unrestrictedly.
Pure, unrestricted capitalism might dictate that a person cut down all the trees, and gain market dominance.
Do we side with the businessman, who is only doing his job as best as he can...even if it means we wind up with a world without trees?
It has happened before, and it can happen again. This would not be my idea of progress. In fact, it is against nearly everything I believe to be good about the world.
There is a place in the world for government...and regulation. Not everyone in the world is in business...nor should they be. That would be, in my mind, tantamount to cutting down all the trees.
The problem with our current organs of Media is that they are businesses, and, as such...act like businesses. So much so that it has become a predominately B2B we non-business types watch, from the outside, their Faustian manoeverings.
I suggest we put warning labels on "The News", so that people understand that they are interested players who simply cannot be unbiased.
Again...not everyone is in business, nor should they be. But one would hope that the Media and the Government might stand apart from Business, and the 3 apart from each other. Checks and balances. Not checks and more checks, each paying each other off for their wondrous cheerleading abilities.
Who will speak for the common man, woman and child?
A. Liberals.

So tell me David, did inventing the electron microscope take no imagination? Did figuring out how to get into space take no imagination? Did the invention of the micro chip take no imagination. I guess those engineers and scientists really are just black and white guys/gals huh?
Indeed. They are just the technicians. The inventor or visionary is the prime cause of all invention...obviously. The scientists and engineers merely piece the thing together. But without the idea, there would be no reality.
This is not to say that there aren't any inventor-scientists or inventor-engineers. But, as an inventor, I know that inventions can take the form of objects, systems, musical scores, sculptures, novels, software, microscopes, microchips and so on.
It is, in fact, this "creatorship" which makes liberals seem more God-like to me. If we are, indeed, made in "his" image...then we are Creators.
Which "tests" did God have to pass in order to appear legitimate in the eyes of scrutinizing conservative bosses?
As a hologram of God, I rather resent your wish that I submit to people who are only acting on the human plane. Whose Will be done?

So you're against tests. Again, it just puncuates some of the comments in my previous post to which you responded. Also, I can tell you that in law school, there are no multiple choice/fill in the blank type tests. It is all essay. I went to a middle of the road (from an academic standpoint, not political) university, and we still had essays.
I feel better now.
Testing is a form of "leading the witness", is it not? But leading them where?
To the "official story".
Why not give children the tools and access to discover their own unique take on the world? Let them document their journey of discovery through the use of portfolios, webpages, films, music, inventions, speeches, community works, and so on?
Let me give you a concrete example.
I knew a fellow who, last I heard, was getting his Masters degree at MIT.
Not too shabby!
The thing is...he never finished high school!
By the sheer weight of his portfolio, he was able to convince them that he was MIT Graduate material.
Had he relied on tests, he would never have been able to have done what he did.
"But I made a hundred on all my tests, right up to the 11th grade!"
See the contrast? See how powerful the difference?
Tests dumb down. Are blind to genius.
No wonder the mediocre are for them.

Matt, Matt, Matt
I understand that, in your position, you can only hold the views that you do. I wish you would have shown those cards from the start, so I would have known that you were not a disinterested party.
I was a personnel manager once, and one of my first self-imposed tasks was getting the company up to OSHA standards. (The factory reeked and was harming the workers.)
But when I sent the list of abuses up the line...rather than fixing them...they fixed me, and said "Whose side are you on?"
I hope you are not simply in the business of burying negatives.
The anger you seem to detect is nothing more than a natural reaction to your misplaced condescension, and beer-talk of envy...which is an alcoholic's problem, not mine.
If you're one of those people who just have to win...why not just say so...and I will hand you a victory on a silver platter. I like for people to win. And you're good people.
Like you, I've have near-death experiences. Three, in fact. And I too learned great lessons from them. But as you know, the lessons make no sense to those who haven't "been there" and back.
Has it ever dawned on you that you may be a bodhisattva?
I'm glad to hear that schools are finally liberalizing. Tests, alone, are a cheap substitute. The reason Bush is pushing tests is that his brother is in the test business.
There going to cut my power off today, so I have to go out and try to stave them off.
As always, nice talking with you. Best regards to the family!
And Wise Jeffords Did Move!
<<"it is the wise man who moves when there is no light">>
A Sound Meal
As expected, a long and mainly modern liberal rhetorical post with little basis in reality.
Long? You mean a "sound meal", as opposed to a "sound bite", don't you?
Modern? But of course!
Liberal? Bien sur!
Modern Liberal? Merci!
along with your response to Matt this post just illustrates that modern liberals are the party of talk and no action initiated or payed for by themselves.
"initiated or payed for by themselves"? What on earth do you mean?
Who pays YOU? Who initiates YOU? Of course it is self-initiated. You are the herded. Check your owner's manual.
Your statement about being all talk and no do is completely vacuous. For one thing...words are action, if so crafted. Secondly, it is expressly false.
You legistate and you confiscate.
What ARE you talking about? You are still off the road, and driving through strange trees. I hope you don't fall off the mountain!
You are indeed adopting the methods of the past in your unyielding adherence to socialism as the method to achieve your vision of utopia.
Ah! You found my Methods Manual! Why didn't you say so!
You are still among strange trees, and are coming ever closer to the cliffs. So I hope you don't think that your argument is actually building steam...unless you don't mind that you go all the faster off the cliff.
You trample on the individual freedoms contained in the Constitution and then proclaim it an outmoded document.
That was my dog who barked that. I would never say anything so stupid.
You are not the "big tent" or the "great raft" as you don't allow individual choice in the matter. It's all your way or no way.
You are confusing me for George W. Bush, whose attitude is "my way or the highway"...if you want the correct cliche.
Do you really understand what is meant by "Great Raft"?
Which "new envelopes" are you talking about that already haven't been licked and posted by the likes of Marx, Stalin, Castro or Mao and returned as undeliverable (unrealistic and anti-human)?
You keep caking on these words, as if a pile of them will amount to something. What you need to do is uncake the conduit of your own blather and hear what others are actually saying. You are fighting your own phantoms, and the phantoms created by that which you allow into your ears and eyes.
Regarding the new and I are communicating over one of the new envelopes of the Clinton Era. Envelopes have been pullulating at an astonishing pace during the Clinton Era.
But we are kicking back now. Watching. Let's see what you guys have to show.
If you want envelopes, you have to pay for them. I gave freely in the '90s, as did many people. But artificial forces have come in and darken the light, killed the exuberance which fueled the visions and envelopes.
Largely because of the envy of the Old Economy dinosaurs.
I tell you what. Share 5 visions or envelopes the Republicans have for America's future...and I will share 5 of ours. Tax cuts don't qualify, being unvisionary.
I won't hold my breath.

As above, so below
It's wartime! not only in Israel, but here at home. Between you and me. Between Democrats and Republicans.
It is the Bush way. It is Sharon's way. It is the way of Hell. And as it happens abroad, so is it happening here. As above, so below. We are all in this.
My friend Jack came by yesterday..and we argued...over nothing.
Tonight he came back over. He and his girlfriend were at war.
Mars has landed.
You have already been hypnotized. I warned of this. Happens every time.
A thought for your dreams:
"God is where man's blood is not shed."
What mad fortunes will you magnetize to yourself?

The Faux Tax Cut
Why teaching foreign language is useful.

$10,000 down the drain!
Sometimes I will have brainstorming sessions with my league of crafty geniuses, and occasionally I will end the evening by saying: "Well that was a few billion dollars"...knowing full well that were we to have been wealthy as well as smart, the ideas would have indeed reaped billions.
Not the diminish the ideas and labor involved in "Civil War II", only that we weren't discussing global financial systems and the like, but rather getting down to some meaty details about out current political makeup.
I'd say though that even though our discussions had no financial element to it, it was still a good 10 grand worth of headwork, considering the quality of those involved. We're worth at least 5 Gs an hour...sheesh!

Sexual Congress: A New Page
Haven't had the old knockwurst properly invaginated in far too long...and for you to talk of such things during a sultry full moon is just cruel. ;(
I think it is healthy to talk about sex as the natural gift it is. At least that's what the manual says. Tell more! Send tapes! :)

"Call us old-fashioned!"
British actor, Jonathan Pryce, was just interviewed on NPR. When asked about Blair's win, he said:
"Yes, In our country the one with the most votes win. Call us old-fashioned."
And here we sit, supposedly an evolutionary extraction, and yet we are the atavists.
With Blair's landslide, it sounds like they have learned from our recent mistake...

Mammoniacal one-trick pony
"The poorer, the richer."
- Meister Eckhart

Is money all you love? It's all temporary...

Boyfriend Trumps Husband
Donald Trump's boyfriend was angered and fangered to find that "Donniepoo" already had a husband, and vowed to hit him with his "thubthantial purth...and a lawthute". News at 6.
So you see...boyfriend Trump's husband is causing quite a fracas in midtown Tulsa, where Donald is a sous-chef for Wendy's.
In related news, it was found that, when it comes to s-e-x, boyfriends trump least in the preference and desire departments.
While 95% of the women surveyed said they preferred and wanted to have s-e-x with their boyfriends, only 5% had the same inclinations toward their husbands, with whom they would, more likely than not, fantasize about their boyfriend, who lives nextdoor, and another a few doors down. On this street...
MMOSES (Married Men Of Small Eastern States) has declared to fight back by raising the age of consent to 65 for the unmarried. Some are calling this "the death tax". Others are calling for us to speak in quieter tones. Shhhh!
(more on this later)