Saturday, June 30, 2001


-At Night We Shine: Bootblacks in Tandem
-Achieving Nevada
-Carpe Noctem
-Time Invaders
-Bleak Condo
-Telling Times
-Up From The Bog
-Apes in Costume
-Arnold the Robopig
-Tobacco Company Execs
-Advanced Tones of Voice
-Life After Money
-Green Witch Village
-Seeing Godot Out
-Inane Platitudes from the Deep
-Taboo Quest
-Freud's Banana
-Imperfect Weekend
-Food Chain Gang
-Corporate Busing
-Earth Muffin
-Ricecakes of Men
-Rapid Ear Movement
-Pick-up to Paradise
-Killer Mules of Tokyo
-Virtual Bohemia
-Idea Consultants
-Idea Management
-United States of Earth
-Vehement Behemoth
-Unusual Hair Parts
-Sexual in your Window
-Look Away if You Want Sex
-2 Ways Air Escapes the Body
-Undoing the Hydrant
-Sleep Smiling
-Relatively Cute SwampThang
-The Fastest Way to Bathe
-The New Way to Kiss
-Avant-Garde Lovemaking
-Horse Operas to Adore & Obey
-History of Mentalities
-You are what you upload
-When the Waldoes Emerge
-A Million Years Ago Today
-We Fit Together Like Dogs
-Dreams Are for Sissies
-A Glacier in Hell
-Finnegan's Wake For Cats
-Being-for-Itself Meets Godzilla
-The Horripilation
-Mirth in the Balance

At Night We Shine: Bootblacks in Tandem

Achieving Nevada
It wasn’t long before Jimi and I had set out for Nevada. Well, it wasn’t actually called Nevada at the time. It was called ____ and was mostly desert.
Nucular yesting

Carpe Noctem

Time Invaders
Telling Times
Up From The Bog

Jimi had no experience with these strange hominids which seemed to pullulate like so many onions, and like so many onions, their bouquet was curiously maladapted to a pleasurable oneness with ones olfactive faculties. “What was it that made these gentlemen so fragrant”, Jimi once asked me while packing my horse for another journey west.

Advanced Tones of Voice

Life After Money
Green Witch Village
Inane Platitudes from the Deep
Imperfect Weekend
Food Chain Gang
Earth Muffin
Ricecakes of Men
Killer Mules of Tokyo
Virtual Bohemia
Idea Management

United States of Earth

Life on Earth takes on many states, forms, convolutions…many of which are united in a common theme of reciprocal maintenence – although, from the surface, it may appear to be competition, strife, reciprocal destruction. But only humans are in that game. And they, we, needn’t be. We are losing the battle we ourselves have waged. And even minimum wages of war wreak the wrong result, and reap only minor, plastic victories-in-quotation-marks.

Vehement Behemoth

2 Ways Air Escapes the Body
Relatively Cute Swamp Thang
The Fastest Way to Bathe
The New Way to Kiss
Avant-Garde Lovemaking
Horse Operas to Adore & Obey
History of Mentalities
A Million Years Ago Today
Dreams Are for Sissies
Finnegan's Wake For Cats

Being-for-Itself Meets Godzilla

The Horripilation
Mirth in the Balance