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-Cut & Paste
-Lubenzee Schoolensee?
-The Bush Method
-Conservatism in Literature
-Amusing Musical Muse Museum
-Capricorns are Angels
-Hark the Herald...
-You'll thank me some day
-I have yet to go slumming...
-Berger Barnes
-Moralistic Figments
-Orwell's Vision of the Future
-not intelligent...opinionated
-The rain in Spain falls mainly on the dull.
-Weekend? What weekend?
-Rolling Blackouts
-He's a winer too!
-Limbaugh Defects, Slams Repubs
-Garbage Chef
-Drudge Stricken Dumb by Bush

Cut & Paste
"A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy" - Disraeli
Cut the money from one class, and paste it onto a higher one? Well I say to tell Bush to cut a juicy one and paste his nose snugly therein. This will give him the flavor of his presidency so fart away Dorde! Your mephetic phosgenes will creapcrap their wuwei into the akashim of Societon...whatever the fuck that means. Garondamteeit!
What some people don't realize or seem to appreciate about cutting and pasting articles for us to that many times you have to be a member (and in the New York Times) in order to actually see the article from merely the address. This allows them (and us) to read the article without the tedium of actually going through a registration process every time. And so much is predicated upon accessing the information.
I, for one, have no qualms with cut & paste...and do it myself when necessary or un -- doesn't matter. De gustibus non est disputandum.

Remember how it felt to get your diploma? The "thrill" lasted maybe a minute...or a few seconds. Then reality rushes back in, and you say. "Now what"?
I can't help but think that this tax refund will be even less than that.
At least with the diploma, you can, 10, 20 years later look back and say yes! It was worth it!

Lubenzee Schkoolenzee?
"Vatar yua gaadam skala?"
- Nanook of the South
(Forgive Nanook. His name really means nonook, which explains his weirdness.)
So you like school? I did too 'cept for the punishment...which is to say, tests. I'll be glad when we shed that model.
She's way too expensive a whore.
And the cloud of her unknowingness exceedeth even that of the gentle Horehound Hooter, Queen of the Backroom Cooter...launched into proclivitude by snares of snaking snarches, adding to the arches of her backroom womb. At eight she ate her late date's hate like a plate elated at the weight of her momentine swineherd. And you can quote me on this.
The problem with tests is, there have to be losers. We are breeding losers.
Fort Polio.
Portfolio Romeo.
The Test Connection.
I am sensing a coming demonization
of certain other humans.
I dread the thought of war.
Bush's Republican Army.
Something to think about...

The Bush Method
The Bush Method is this: Demonize the Media for covering family members, so that the Media can pretend that it is no longer in their best interest to publish the video. They all get off the hook.
Here's how The Bush Method is being used to prevent further defections:
1. Make death threats to Jeffords, and let it be known that Jeffords is having death threats against him. Who, after all, is going to want that?
2. In the case of McCain...threaten Arizona blackouts.
What say ye to this?

Conservatism in Literature
George Bernard Shaw, in his play, "Man & Superman" has the following exchange between Don Juan and the Devil. (I'll only include Juan's speech.)
Don Juan could be talking about modern day conservatronics... In fact, he was talking about the conservitude of his own day. Some things ne'er-do-well...
DON JUAN. Pooh! why should I be civil to them or to you? In this
Palace of Lies a truth or two will not hurt you. Your friends are
all the dullest dogs I know.
They are not beautiful: they are only decorated.
They are not clean: they are only shaved and starched.
They are not dignified: they are only fashionably dressed.
They are not educated they are only college passmen.
They are not religious: they are only pewrenters.
They are not moral: they are only conventional.
They are not virtuous: they are only cowardly.
They are not even vicious: they are only "frail."
They are not artistic: they are only lascivious.
They are not prosperous: they are only rich.
They are not loyal, they are only servile;
not dutiful, only sheepish;
not public spirited, only patriotic;
not courageous, only quarrelsome;
not determined, only obstinate;
not masterful, only domineering;
not self-controlled, only obtuse;
not self-respecting, only vain;
not kind, only sentimental;
not social, only gregarious;
not considerate, only polite;
not intelligent, only opinionated;
not progressive, only factious;
not imaginative, only superstitious;
not just, only vindictive;
not generous, only propitiatory;
not disciplined, only cowed;
and not truthful at all--liars every one
of them, to the very backbone of their souls.

Amusing Musical Muse Museum
Methinks thou hast been smitten in the Thalian bitch: have I!
You make some good points there, Mr. Man. Your Chaucerian exegesis if quite lucid, as he did dray his form from Boccaccio's Decameron, although embuing it with an early form of modernity. So your assertion may well have hit the mark.
(I poisoned my system with an American beer last night, and am still feeling a little braindead, so please excuse my slowheadedness.)
You say I seem upset? Beyond said slowheadedness, my real disconcertion is with the slowheadedness of the Media...who are, after all, supposed to be on the front lines, not sitting back, waiting to hear what the official word will be. It may win battles, if you will, but will ultimately lose the war. Accurate, unadulterated, information is becoming a rare commodity these days, it seems...

If Al Gore would have been would have been disasterous, as he would have been murdered, surely. The Right were spitting mad, fueled by all the garbage thrown at them on a daily basis. You know the frothmeisters!
I honestly think that it might be ultimately useful to show some of the more hoodwinked that it is easier to criticize, and harder to actually DO.
And then...what is it are we to do? What is our vision? Do we have a vision?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say. The Sunshine Days of Clinton, so soon followed by the Blackout Days of Bush will make the absence all the more salient.
Clinton fatigue was real. Bush fatigue will also be real. For some, it already is.
You can figure out the rest of the story...
I knew it!
I should've had a Guinness!

Capricorns are Angels
I found this interesting site which places the sun signs within their proper context. You and I, being Capricorn, are angels. Surprise surprise! So are Aquarians.
There is much on the site to delight and instruct. It's all good! And the buttons are delightful!
I'll respond to your post, but wanted to share this, as it made me think of you...
I'd be curious, as stupid as it may sound, to learn the signs of other folks here. It sure gives us something to talk about and share!

Hark the Herald...
Here are some other angels:
December 22, 1812 - Lady Bird Johnson
December 23, 1926 - Robert Bly - Writer
December 23, 1950 - Susan Lucci December 24, 1503 - Nostradamus
December 24, 1905 - Ava Gardner December 25, 1821 - Clara Barton December 25, 1918 - Anwar Sadat December 25, 1925 - Carlos Castaneda December 25, 1954 - Annie Lennox December 26, 1891 - Henry Miller December 26, 1921 - Steve Allen December 27, 1822 - Louis Pasteur December 27, 1901 - Marlene Dietrich December 28, 1954 - Denzel Washington December 29, 1876 - Pablo Casals December 29, 1938 - Jon Voight
December 30, 1865 - Rudyard Kipling December 30, 1946 - Patti Smith December 30, 1959 - Tracy Ullman December 31, 1869 - Henri Matisse December 31, 1908 - S. Wiesenthal December 31, 1937 - Anthony Hopkins December 31, 1943 - John Denver
December 31, 1959 - Val Kilmer
January 1, 1920 - J. D. Salinger January 2, 1873 - Therese De Lisieux - Saint
January 3, 1892 - J.R. Tolkien
January 3, 1909 - Victor Borge
January 3, 1956 - Mel Gibson
January 4, 1643 - Isaac Newton
January 5, 1893 - P. Yogananda - Guru
January 5, 1918 - Jean Dixon - Psychic
January 5, 1928 - Walter Mondale January 5, 1946 - Diane Keaton
January 6, 1572 - Johannes Kepler January 6, 1832 - Gustave Dore
January 6, 1872 - Alexander Scriabin January 6, 1878 - Carl Sandburg
January 6, 1915 - Alan Watts
Janaury 6, 1925 - John Delorean
January 6, 1947 - David Bowie
January 7, 1844 - Bernadette - Saint
January 7, 1912 - Charles Addams - Cartoonist
January 8, 1896 - Arthur Ford - Medium
January 8, 1935 - Elvis Presley
January 8, 1939 - Yvette Mimieux January 9, 1908 - Simone de Beauvoir January 9, 1941 - Joan Baez
January 11, 1842 - William James
January 14, 1875 - Albert Schweitzer January 14, 1919 - Andy Rooney
January 14, 1941 - Faye Dunaway
January 14, 1412 - Joan of Arc - Saint
January 15, 1929 - Martin Luther King January 17, 1933 - Shari Lewis
January 17, 1931 - James Earl Jones January 17, 1942 - Muhammad Ali
January 17, 1949 - Andy Kaufman January 18, 1904 - Cary Grant
January 19, 1839 - Paul Cezanne
January 19, 1946 - Dolly Parton
Others include:
Tiger Woods
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Umberto Eco
John Singer Sargent
Ben Franklin
Mary Tyler Moore
Julie Louis-Dreyfus
I better go eat now!

You'll thank me some day
Believe it or not...I mean no harm. On the contrary. I want to spare people and the earth from harm.
Lookit! Corporations have shitloads of money with which they can essentially buy your mind...through the offerings presented to you.
And they do.
They spend large sums of money, buying out news organizations, magazines, newspapers, TV networks, and so on. They control, pretty much, all that gets out. Even in the News, where you'd hope there would be some objectivity.
But GE owns NBC, for example. They build Nukes. Who is hurt if the news tends to overlook stories about nuclear disasters?
Well, I submit the answer is, "We are! You are!"
This is not to say that you are not seeking outside the box for less partial sources. Nor am I saying that it doesn't go both ways.
I can even understand why a company whose stocks might receive a serious, yet short-term, downward bump were they to make, say, an investment in clean energy...might hesitate to do so. There are, perhaps, too many day-traders, and too few long-term investors.
One reason I felt compelled to post the Shaw piece, was to, perhaps prevent people from reverting to the empty words he mentioned. Deferring to superior patriotrism, say, or some other such form of escapism.
If we can all find more reality, I think we can then begin the create better visions for where we can go.
It's a new world out there! And the best way to predict the future is to create it. But one should hope for divine guidance, or at least some input from Ma Nature.

I have yet to go slumming...
...though the dark alleys of Dubya's book as yet, but one drunken evening, I may just march down to Borders and give it a whirl.
I understand he didn't actually WRITE the book, even though it has his name on it. Just another metaphor for everything else in his life, particularly the White House, I suspect. He's eaten up with the karmas!
The Bagdikian is a powerful and useful book, and one which still speaks to us today, some 15 years later, I reckon it to be. The Media are in even less hands now...
I'll pick up a copy of the Loewen book. It may take me a few weeks to get to it though, as I am behind on so many things. Thanks for the tip. Got any others I should look for while I'm out?
Any good music you'd suggest?

Berger Barnes

Do ya spoze I can get the Berger at Barnes & Nobles? I've read some of his work on, I believe, the sociology of art, or something like that. Been a while. Don't know of Daniels or Defan, but will keep peeled. Man did I get peeled last night! Whew! Still with me!
Thanks again. I'll check 'em out...

Moralistic Figments
After re-reading it a few times, I have to agree. While the first spasm, if you will, touched on all ports, the second spasm landed the full ship.
I love it where he says "we who are of that caste"...thus correctly placing the Devil in his true setting.
Sometimes literature can say what politicians only dream of saying. This is a clear advantage of a liberal education.
When one sees that all the puffery is just empty words; moralistic can deflate their balloon, and see that there is not much reality there.
So glad you enjoyed it. I wonder if the non-literary types will bother...

Orwell's Vision of the Future
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- for ever."
-- George Orwell
Yup! One of your guys!

not intelligent...opinionated
Do you agree with everything written by the fellow who wrote the article? (He was pretty damning, in parts, of Conservatives, and claims to be a Liberal?) Do you?
Well, neither do I agree with everything written by Shaw. I even contradict myself at times. And Shaw was, after all, a product of HIS time.
What I agreed with (in Shaw)...I posted.
I don't agree with all of Shakespeares views either...but he too got it right sometime...just as did Shaw.
It is rather diversionary of you, but typical I suppose, to pull out something other than what was given, and fight against that...rather than address the charges in the original post.
I could, in fact, pull out other posts by the guy (whomever he is) who wrote the Shaw diatribe...that would make you squirm and deny, but I'll let it rest. You can read it for yourself.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the dull.
Something like that!
I guess you will now remove all Shaw from the libraries and forbid your children from getting to know the evil Eliza Doolittle?

Weekend? What weekend?
I have ceased to have much use for the term. It's quite a mystery!
I pretty much sat around the house this weekend, and had a few visitors, visited omniland, nothing special really. Glad you had some fun anyway!

I think you have to be somewhat eccentric in order to write well (at least according to those that actually do). Even if one is among the most boring, conservative, stuffed shirts and can still find interesting details to write about...if you think divergently. But to write normal stuff about normal people is, well, normal. What would be the point in showing people what they already know all too well?
I am, perhaps, too sacrificial. I will probably burn out in may Art because I neglected other exigencies.
I have perhaps aimed too much toward posterity and too little at prosperity, but what the fuck! I am, however, looking forward to climbing out of my head and seeing what it is like out of doors. I do that sometimes!
It is a bit like what Martin Buber said in I & Thou when he talks about repairing wings when no longer in an I-Thou relationship.
Not sure why I'm telling you this. I hope you don't charge.
Of the Shavian dichotomies...the ones that strike me as relevant to this messageboard (and I hope, if nothing else, it might make one question the reality of certain words, which often get tossed about as if they had solidity) are the following:
They are not educated they are only college passmen. i.e. Bush
They are not moral: they are only conventional.
not dutiful, only sheepish; (witness their reaction to Jeffords)
not public spirited, only patriotic;
(a term they always use)
not courageous, only quarrelsome;
(certainly quarrelsome!)
not determined, only obstinate;
(that too)
not masterful, only domineering;
not self-controlled, only obtuse;
not kind, only sentimental;
not considerate, only IMpolite;
(Some are polite)
not intelligent, only opinionated;
not progressive, only factious;
not imaginative, only superstitious;
not just, only vindictive;
not generous, only propitiatory;
Granted, these don't apply to all, and some apply to me...but there is a strange tendency which has sparked a nerve on both sides...being, I think, quite recognizable by simply reading what they write.
How's the book coming?

Rolling Blackouts
I have those rolling blackouts in my own writing as well. Keep the faith. Time may give it a thousand wings...

He's a winer too!
In fact his vineyards are known and respected throughout the world for their praeternatural bouquet. Of course I am speaking metaphorically now. The vineyards representing the grapes of discovery, and the leaves, pages upon which he hath writ.

<by ______
I hope to be as awesome as you are with the written word.>>

Limbaugh Defects, Slams Repubs
Here are some juicy recent, honest to God quotes by Rush:
"So the Republicans are queasy and were born without spines. What's new? There's nothing new here."
"So here we go again, folks: linguini-spined Republicans. I'm not in a position here to reveal any sources, but I have spoken to some people who know and I'm telling you the problem is in the Republican leadership and it's not just Trent Lott."

COLD MOUNTAIN, NC--Creating one of the most startling abruptions in recent months, Rush Limbaugh has decide to throw all his weight toward bringing down the Republicans, after "realizing they were just a loose can of vienna sausages".
When asked what he was going to do next, Limbaugh said he was going to become the collective footman for that motile spiritual corporation, Anonymoses, whose cohort of amazing geniuses have taken over his fancy.
When asked about this "cohort of amazing geniuses", all he would say is "it's all cocks and politics" or maybe it was "Cox and politics"...something like that. I should have taken better notes. And if I get fired, it's probably because one of you (3) readers ratted on me. I'll pass a note to Guido.
More on this breaking wind at 6.
© The Liberal Media 2001

Garbage Chef
There are those that gobble down what he says. They should know that he said this as well.
Personally I no contact with him. Haven't heard his show in years and only then for short minutes.
Garbage in, garbage out.
And he can cook up the garbage.
That is why I call him
Garbage Chef.
And beg him to move to Russia.
Where the dear and the envelope play.
Seldom herded
discouragingly turded
and the guys are all cloudy all day.
Face it.

Drudge Stricken Dumb by Bush
The Drudge Report, all the rage during the Clinton years, suddenly finds itself with no Clinton to attack...and as such his website has been reduced to practically nothing.
At the same time, Buzzflash, a superior version in the Drudge style, is washing over him like a tsunami.
Poor Matt Drudge! We always knew he was a partisan schmuck!
Compare and contrast. Drudge is history.


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